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Anybody hungry? 

You haven't experienced Salt Lake City if you haven't eaten in the North Temple restaurants. A variety of styles and price ranges are available in the District's eateries. We hope you will come and try them all. Reviews below!

red iguana 1&2. killer mexican food

"absolutely the best mexican food i've ever had. i'm going to schedule another trop to slc just to go back. service was great as well." jeff w. 



1: 736 west north temple (801) 322-1489

2: 866 west south temple (801) 214-6050


frida bistro. gourmet mexican food

"excellent mexican food in an unexpected part of town. the food was superb; make sure to try the ceviche." cory r.



545 west 700 south
(801) 983-6692


leatherby's. family creamery

"great price and i really enjpyed the turkey club sandwich i ordered. our server was friendly and pretty quick." mathew h.




735 west north temple

(801) 359-2525

nico's tacos. mexican fast food

"been twice since my first review. honestly the value is awesome! if you get the daily lunch special, it's 4.99 for a large plate of solidly good mexican food, chips and salsa. Take the Airport Trax and get off at about 1500 W (the stop is called "power Station")and the restaurant is kitty corner." Ruben A. 


1458 west north temple

(801) 364-0363



el asadero. mexican fast food

"everything is amazing. really sweet family and tasty delicious food." daniel g.




1011 west north temple

(801) 328-4747

panda buffet. chinese/asian buffet

"i really like it! very surprised! i work downtown and for an all you can eat lunch buffet at $7.50 including a coke just 5 minutes away, you can't go wrong people." darin h.  


1025 west north temple

(801) 328-3288


east sea. chinese/asian

"the food is very good and the portions are generous for the price." anonymous.




120 North 900 West

(801) 596-8963


chubby's. homedame mexican food

"i have eaten at chubby's for YEARS! it is my favorite mexican restaurant, try the guacamole!." joe g. 



955 north 1400 west

(801) 596-2070


5 buck pizza.





1306 west north temple

(801) 433-2825


artic circle.





837 w north temple

(801) 533-0515







805 w north temple

(801) 532-0710







775 w north temple

(801) 328-2609



"i have eaten at chubby's for YEARS! it is my favorite mexican restaurant, try the guacamole!." joe g. 



916 west north temple

(801) 521-4211


pizza hut.





804 w north temple
(801) 363-6300


el rey de oros.

"ceap and good. the place is a taco cart inside a building. they sell 3 tacos and a drink for $2.50." mobile r.



175 south 900 west

(801) 322-3176


"best al pastor tacos i have found since i lived in mexico. great food, good price I will be a regular now." davis s.




180 S 900 W

(801) 953-1840


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